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Employment Agency

Why should you choose
Vantage Employment Solutions? 


Partnership Integrity 

We know that TRUST is not only a behavior but a necessity when it comes to conducting business.

Vantage Employment Solutions provides full transparency throughout our individual partnerships. Our core values include honesty, integrity, and respect. 

In a market inundated with competing employment agencies, we take pride on delivery so that we stand out amongst the competition! 


Training & Orientation

Each one of our applicants goes through a detailed orientation process which helps our recruiters identify their key strengths and weaknesses. After each initial interview and orientation each of our applicants will then be placed through our job specific training exercise that is tailored to our clients specifications. 

Our award winning recruitment and training processes make it easy to get your company back to business. We do this by carefully assessing every candidate’s personality, skill-set, and work experience to ensure we find the right fit for each assignment, allowing our clients to focus on running their business with the best talent available for the job.


Through Pre- Employment Screening

Our team of skilled recruiters take the time to thoroughly screen each one of our applicants prior to dispatching them to any one of our clients facilities. We understand that risk management and proper employee placement start when the applicant applies. 

With a employment market that hasn't been more volatile than now, its important to have a diligent and thorough employment firm in your corner that will aid your companies staffing efforts.

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