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Why Hire A Staffing Agency?

A Staffing Agency saves you money & time

When a company doesn’t hire a staffing agency, they take on a lot of costs that they do not initially realize. They spend time and money

  • preparing their company to make sure they are abiding by state & local ordinances,

  • creating their entire recruiting/hiring/onboarding process

  • educating themselves on staffing

Agencies have bulk rates on workers comp and employee benefits due to the volume of employees they have nationally. They also have the bulk overhead to handle & manage their employees on behalf of their employers. They are charging for overhead what the difference between the volume discount of workers comp & employee benefits - it is breakeven / net neutral. 

You can focus on your company’s core competencies and let us handing staffing/employment

A Staffing Agency takes on some or all of your HR Tasks

When a company hires a staffing agency, they become their de facto HR team for all employees staffed through them. The company no longer needs to worry about 


  • Recruiting new candidates

  • Hiring the right employees

  • Processing payroll

  • Maintaining employee records

  • Keeping up with all codes and laws

Therefore, you can focus on your company’s core competencies and let your staffing agency handle all HR tasks. 

A Staffing Agency protects you from liability/risk​

When a company hires a staffing agency, all employees technically work for the staffing agency rather than the company. Therefore, all employee risk falls on the staffing agency, including

  • State or Federal Tax Issues

  • Workers Comp Claims

  • Health Insurance Issues

  • Business Insurance Dealing with Employment Claims

  • Problems maintaining all local, state, and federal employee mandates

By hiring a good staffing agency, you are taking employee risk off your plate.

Why Hire Vantage Employment?

We do it all

We are an “all service” company. We have the capabilities to staff as many employees as needed in any industry.

We have the experience

Collectively, the company has 50+ years experience in the staffing industry

We are efficient and tech-oriented

We are computer driven and utilize the latest AI. Our entire company applicant process is paperless (most agencies are paper-driven and inefficient). Because of our fast system, employees can be placed into your facility quicker. 

We genuinely care about you and your facility

Before we fill any order for any of our employers, we will go to your facility, meet you, understand your operations, and fully understand what you need in-person. 

In an industry with sometimes questionable practices, we are fully transparent and above-reproach

A lot of unvetted agencies in this industry take a look of corners and short-cuts. We stay above reproach. Here are some ways we voluntarily show transparency as well as checks-and-balances: 

  • All of our books are audited by a third party

  • All of our taxes & workers comp are paid every single week

  • All of our taxes and filings are done by a third party

  • All our employees are properly taken care of.

  • Our client do not need to get involved with any employee we staff. 

Avoid the potential risks of going with another staffing agency

Workers Comp: When you work with an unvetted agency, they may not have worker’s comp insurance. When they don’t pick up the worker’s comp claim, the claim gets tied directly to your company. You would need to pay the claim as the de facto employer whether you have insurance to pay for it or not. That risk is up to $1 million. You would need to choose either to pay out the claim in full OR sue the staffing agency.


Payroll Taxes: If an unvetted staffing company doesn’t pay their payroll taxes to the IRS, the IRS will look at the staffing/employer partnership agreement and come after you, the employer. The IRS will say something like, “That employee worked at your facility, didn’t they? You were profiting off them, didn’t you? Then you need to pay us.” As an example, a recent company was indicted by the IRS for $60 mil in unpaid taxes due to a staffing company who didn’t pay the employer's payroll for them

Why Should Job Seekers Choose Vantage Employment?

Helping You Get Started

​We help you with Interview Preparation and Resume Writing and guide you carefully through the process. These tasks can be intimidating for job seekers. 

Getting You the Right Job

A lot of staffing firms focus on getting the orders filled and sending bodies. Vantage Employment matches the experience of each job seeker, with the employment opportunities Even if none of our clients are actively recruiting your position, we will actively look around the internet (zip recruiter, indeed, etc.) to see what companies are hiring for your position .

Making it Simple and Convenient for You

Vantage Employment has a great mobile app for you to use. We are computer driven and utilize the latest AI. Our entire company applicant process is paperless (most agencies are paper-driven and inefficient). Because of our fast system, you can be placed into a fitting job quickly.

Keeping Everything Correct & Confidential for You

Vantage Employment knows and complies with all laws and ordinances in every area they serve. We keep all of your information safe and confidential (we do not sell or give away any of your information)

Why should you choose
Vantage Employment Solutions? 


Partnership Integrity 

We know that TRUST is not only a behavior but a necessity when it comes to conducting business.

Vantage Employment Solutions provides full transparency throughout our individual partnerships. Our core values include honesty, integrity, and respect. 

In a market inundated with competing employment agencies, we take pride on delivery so that we stand out amongst the competition! 


Training & Orientation

Each one of our applicants goes through a detailed orientation process which helps our recruiters identify their key strengths and weaknesses. After each initial interview and orientation each of our applicants will then be placed through our job specific training exercise that is tailored to our clients specifications. 

Our award winning recruitment and training processes make it easy to get your company back to business. We do this by carefully assessing every candidate’s personality, skill-set, and work experience to ensure we find the right fit for each assignment, allowing our clients to focus on running their business with the best talent available for the job.


Through Pre- Employment Screening

Our team of skilled recruiters take the time to thoroughly screen each one of our applicants prior to dispatching them to any one of our clients facilities. We understand that risk management and proper employee placement start when the applicant applies. 

With a employment market that hasn't been more volatile than now, its important to have a diligent and thorough employment firm in your corner that will aid your companies staffing efforts.

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